Celebrate The Victories

Looking at the organization of a number of EMS Agencies we often see departments dedicated to quality. Whether it be a Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, or Investigations units we take complaints pretty seriously. How many of you have ever … [Continue reading]

What If Gordon Ramsay Was An EMS Leader?

I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay. I thoroughly enjoy his Kitchen Nightmares show and desperately want to be a diner in Hell’s Kitchen. So when John Harrington wrote a post on what Gordon can teach photographers, I began to wonder about what Gordon … [Continue reading]

Understanding Unit Hour Utilization

Unit Hour Utilization (UHU) is one of the most widely used and misunderstood measurement metric used in the vast majority of EMS Agencies today. The metric has gained notoriety thanks to Jack Stout's System Status Management solution for ambulance … [Continue reading]

System Status Management 101

Many EMS systems are designed around a model called System Status Management (SSM). It was introduced in the 1980s by Jack Stout as part of the Public Utility Model for EMS systems[1]. SSM has become the most widely accepted management methodology … [Continue reading]

The Shrinking Difference Between Leadership And Management

The difference between management and leadership used to be very easy to delineate. Alan Murray, the author of The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management: Lasting Lessons from the Best Leadership Minds of Our Time, writes that "The … [Continue reading]

Welcome To TheEMSLeader.com!

Welcome to TheEMSLeader.com! The main focus of this blog is going to be sharing theory, ideas, and best practices when it comes to leadership for those specifically within the Emergency Medical Services. As with most of my blog projects, this is … [Continue reading]